Spiral Mixer suppliers

Spiral Mixer suppliers

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We are the suppliers of  Spiral Mixer suppliers in Hyderabad.

We supply our products all over India.

Soumya Enterprises deals with Spiral Mixers in Hyderabad, Odisha, West Bengal and All Over India. Our Spiral Mixer Model,SE-25,Flour Capacity,12.5 kg ,Output Dough 25 kg,  Two Speed, Electric Power 3 Phase 2.2 kw ,Model ,SE-50,Flour Capacity 25 kg ,Output Dough 50 kg, Two Speed, Electric Power 3 Phase 3 kw,Model,SE-80 Flour Capacity 50 kg,Output Dough 80 kg,Two Speed Electric Power 3 Phase 4.5 kw and For bowl 0.75 kw  


1,With digital control panel and with spare manual  switch which will be used to operate the mixer when digital panel has problem,

2,Excellent match between  hook and bowl,

3, Plastic cover or safety grid cover for choice,